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Monday, September 8, 2008

Pretties I see around my yard...........beginning Photography

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Ok! This post serves two purposes-
1-Just for fun and to see some of the plants and structures in my yard that I have planted or built. I'm a contractor on the side. Just liein'. Just ignore me. I did not build them but I did design, want and help build them:)
2-To serve as a marker for myself in my venture to get better at photography in general and using my new Camera!
**Side note blabbing session: I love photography but have never had the patience or attention span to even remotely take it serious. My first decent camera was a : Minolta Maxxum something or other. I just recently got a digital. My girls have had digitals' forever and my oldest daughter, Megs, has taken Extraordinary pics from around the world (literally) with just point and shot digitals???? On so many of these blogs I'm getting addicted to, they talk about their cameras, I think D80's??? and some others. I am half embarrassed to say what I just got. It was what I could afford and it should be fairly easy. I'm not 100% prepared to start really digging into becoming a great photographer. But what I have to do is at least master the things this little baby can do: Kodak Easyshare Z812-IS Zoom 8.2 Megapixel 12x Optical/4.2x Digital Zoom Digital Camera. It's the nice one, but still, far from professional.
These photos are really awful when compared to such beauties as these photographs over at Country girl blog. For newbies click on the word Country girl to go to her blog and see her beautiful photography. Thanks Dreams of a Country Girl for telling me how to link a blog to a name. On the right hand column I have got a list of some of my fav photography blogs. Check um out!
***Another side note blabbing session-I love meeting so many new bloggy friends. They are so sweet, helpful, talented, entertaining, and inspiring! Thank you for showing a newbie some love:)

This is just a boring picture of a River Birch that my brother gave me. I like the contrast of the leaves and trunk. Thanks baby Bro

This is a pic of moss growing in between my patio bricks. That has taken years. Hey, wait, my bro gave me these too. For real! He owns a landscape company and we had got these bricks from a city sidewalk that was dug up to make a new one. As a Christmas present, he brought his whole crew down here, 1 1/2 hrs away, and they built me a curvy patio. Thanks Baby Bro AGAIN!

Nothing great here! Just a Red bud tree leaf. But what is it shaped like?

This is a different view of a baby limb of one ( of many) Red bud Tree's popping up around my yard! I need to get out there and thin them.
Kinda a neat shot? huh? The view?

This is just an uneventful Hosta.

The blurred image is a morning glory!

This is one view of my Ivy I trained over the course of 8 years to grow on the picket fence I (not literally) put in.

A different view of my darling little fence with Ivy with copper tops:)

****Another side note blabbing session: I got this idea from watching Father of the Bride 1 & 2 19 Billion times. I love those movies for several reasons. One of those reasons is because of the design and decorations of in & around the house. So I have literally sat down with pen and pad in hand to watch them for that purpose and make notes.

Look at this terrible shot! It is a new butterfly bush that I planted this summer. I wanted to get a super close up but didn't want to take the time to read the manual as to how to do that! LAZY!

I love this shot because it is full of things that are dear to me: The "love my garden" thingy is a gift from Snortie Bugar (Courtney). The brick sidewalk. The tiny little baby yellow flowers. I put this brick sidewalk in too:)

This is a Sedum that is showing it's beauty now that it is closer to fall. "Hey cute little bee"!

Trumpet Vine.

Trumpet vine! VERY, VERY invasive! Sprouts up all over the yard. Nuts! People told me but I wouldn't listen. Go figure! This is at both ends of my front porch and trying to train it to grow under the front awning!

Baby crab apples with my arbor gate in back ground. I also designed and built that:)

*****Another side note blabbing session: 10 years ago this yard, when we bought it, literally had not one plant or tree in it. It was a little plain Jane sorta bungalow that I have tried to make into a cottage/bungalow. Lots of flower beds, flowers, trees, fences, sidewalks, patio's, arbor's, blood, sweat, & tears later it looks like a different house! I LOVE this shot! Gonna frame it:)

Same view different shot!

This is a blob that Courtney says reminds her of the movie "FernGully"! This is the remnant of a trunk of the first tree I ever planted. Just this spring I stood back and lovingly admired the trees growth and beauty. Then a spring storm took-er-down:( Some wild, very annoying viney plant has grown all over it.
Look here

Gray tone Hydrangea that I just planted this summer. Yippee! Exciting! Not!

*******Side note blabbing-I just ate an amazing Smear while doing this. A "smear?" you say: It's a croissant with goat cheese then toasted or nuked! Yummy for my tummy!

It will be fun down the road to photoshop all of these and compare the difference!

K. That's it. Peace!


Anonymous said...

Oh Heidi! I love bricks, moss, ivy, hydrangeas and fences! Nice post! It is right up my outdoor ally!
BTW... please let us know which dress you pick! And then maybe a picture of YOU in it! K?

dlyn said...

The longer you have your camera, the more stuff you will see to take phtos of - reading the manual does really help though, LOL! Love your fence - really has a lot of character.

Country Girl said...

the kodak easy share is a great camera to start with and learn digital photography. of course it's fine to link to blogs! i didn't know how to do it when i first started out either!

thanks for the kind things you said about my pics, but just so you know, i've been doing it for years and also i open and fix every single pic in photoshop. so this helps. good luck to you on your blog! i like your little bee!

fishing guy said...

Heidi: I thought the name was K. until read the first comment. Now I'm really not sure.
I loved the bee shot on the Sedum. I have been capturing bees all year and do enjoy the outcome. Please drop in any time and you may be surprised at what I'm featuring on that day.