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I intend on "trying" to live a life that is about: not putting in my mouth things that are bad for me or have come from an animal that was treated cruely while alive on this earth and during slaughter, creating lasting fond memories for my children and grandchildren, adventure, challenging myself, respect others regardless of species, race, color or creed, taking risks, having fun, being grateful, respecting myself & my body, being authentically myself, taking responsibility for my actions, being proactive, being a problem solver, taking action, introspection, transition, change, honesty, growth, loving & helping others, having integrity, doing my best, being easy on myself, enjoying this world, becoming well read, seeing the wonder of it all and never allowing fear to hold me back!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Workout Wednesday Women~

Here is the button I made~
If you missed my first post on this read it HERE

I think we should start out slow, realistic and simple:
Let's do our "real age" test and post it.
Then lets set some goals for ourselves and post them.
Then lets put the button on your sidebar, just right click on it and save it.
Then we will check in with each other on Wednesdays.
We will tweeck it as we go;)

To take the test click HERE!
My real age is 51.4 my calendar age is 43.999
This website and test is soooooooooo cool.
Try it even if you aren't planning on joining this group;)
Now go get some new workout clothes, take the test and get back to me soon;)
You can do it!
The team so far:
Love and Peace, HeidiHo!


Kaci said...

Heck yes I'll do this with you! =>

Cynthia said...

I'm not posting my 'real age' because it's way too scary but I'm happy to join up with ya'll. I'm presently down 16 lbs. but I've been in a holding pattern for the last few weeks. I'll be ready to kick it in gear fully after the first of the year.

I need a little accountability so this will be perfect for me. I can have that without having to post it on my blog (which my family etc. reads- just want to keep this a ME thing).

Lisa Loo said...

I just want to run again--I will have to think on this--I am not a good joiner type person...

Tink said...

I'm like Lisa Loo, but I think this is a great idea! You can use my ideas to aid you along the way! Have fun in your journey!

Carolynn said...

I really love this idea...can I start in January?

Kaci said...

Not a huge deal but it's Kaci not Kari...I always wanted to be a Kari or Katie or....LOL! => XOXO

Kaci said...

Okay I posted!

Deb said...

OK, I am going to take it again. A few months ago, it pegged me for 3.7 years younger than my actual age. Since then, I began taking vitimens and realized I don't eat red meat 2 times a week, but maybe once a week. And oh, I started drinking more! teehee

Dana and Daisy said...

Okay, but oh man, i am already procrastinating, Can't we wait till after Christmas? lol! Did you hear my whiney voice just then?

Hey, I also suggest and am going to do this: Post a new link list of all the workout wednesday Sistah's under the button, then you can easily go read and celebrate and encourage each other!

Your button is cutie patootie!

Scrappy Girl said...

I want to join ya too! I took the test and I am waiting on the results.

Dana and Daisy said...

My test is 7.5 years older. looks like I have more names to add to my list!

If anyone wants to come see how I did my sidebar, c'mon over. I think it will be a good tool for keeping up!

ann said...


Adventure girl wanna be said...

Great idea Dana. I will do that;)

Carin said...

I think that rather than go by my calendar age or my 'real' age... Maybe I will go by my shoe size! Only 8 and a half. =D

On that note, I will check it out and see where I fall at as far as 'real' age.

*Keli* said...

Fun!!! Good luck ladies!!!