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I intend on "trying" to live a life that is about: not putting in my mouth things that are bad for me or have come from an animal that was treated cruely while alive on this earth and during slaughter, creating lasting fond memories for my children and grandchildren, adventure, challenging myself, respect others regardless of species, race, color or creed, taking risks, having fun, being grateful, respecting myself & my body, being authentically myself, taking responsibility for my actions, being proactive, being a problem solver, taking action, introspection, transition, change, honesty, growth, loving & helping others, having integrity, doing my best, being easy on myself, enjoying this world, becoming well read, seeing the wonder of it all and never allowing fear to hold me back!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Always be honest...................

I was tagged some time back by my bloggy galpal Purple Diva!

I am to list 10 honest things about me. Ewwwwwwwwww scary!

1. I can be what anal annies call .....................lazy. The mood has to hit me or I have to be super passionate about something, to do it. I love vegging all day watching movies when the mood hits me. Just being honest, but don't get me wrong...............when the mood does hit me, I can work circles around the average person;)

2. I am terrible about exercising right now, well and have been for the last several years.

3. I have been divorced twice. I hate this. I have struggled for years with feeling shame even though the first marriage was very verbally and emotionally abusive and the second one.............he left. While growing up I dreamed of having a marriage that I never witnessed the people around me having. I've tried it twice and both times I was miserable.

4. I buy lot's of new socks because I can never find mine.

5. Everyone thinks I am such a extrovert but really I am an introvert. When I am with people I am very lively and bubbly and havin fun, but I HAVE to have my alone time.

6. I get scared a lot. I have called my neighbors, friends, and the police many times to search the house.

7. I am currently obsessed with 2 things: Cooper and blogging

8. I love Christmas and have lot's of Christmas spirit but am not going all out this year on decorating my house since I need to focus my energy on all my unfinished projects.

9. I love to dance more than anyone I have ever met. I am nut's about it. I am so anti social when I go out dancing. I am going to dance, not talk;)

10. One of the happiest periods in my life was when I was a single mother of two, a college student and had no money. This was a period of seven years. I was a full time student for 5 of those years.

Now I am supposed to tag 10 people, but with the business of the holidays I am just going to hope some of you choose to do it. If you do please let me know so I can read it;)
Peace, HeidiHo


CJ, the Purple Diva said...

I love the boots button on the sidebar! I just saw it!
WOW, I learned a LOT about you! That's awesome that you could share all of this with us! thanks for doing this!

Janie said...

Are you my mirror image?

That was freaky reading your list. It's so me.

Scrappy Girl said...

I loved reading these Heidi...some things I knew some things I didn't...Fun!

nikkicrumpet said...

Great post with lots of fun info. I feel bad about the whole failed marriage thing...been there done that. I had ruled out EVER finding happiness as a married lady. And then I accidentally stumbled upon the perfect guy. Who knew a girl from Utah could find a guy from Massachusetts while spending three days in New Jersey. I hope your mister right is just coming around the corner...and that he has his DANCING SHOES on!

in time out said...

awesome honestly thanks for sharing...

Bobbi Jo said...

It was great to hear your honesty. I love that. I am honest on my blog and worry sometimes about that. I am a lot like you in many ways. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Kaci said...

Tubular!! I love learning more about you!

Kellan said...

You are very interesting - I love reading these lists about people! I buy lots and lots of socks too!

Have good day - Kellan

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

What a fun read! Thanks for sharing :) ♥ Hugs!

Tink said...

I love this and your honesty and vulnerability! I'm sorry about your divorces. I'm an introvert too...extrovert around people, but seriously LOVE my alone time! You're an amazing lady. Thanks for sharing.

Dana and Daisy said...

somehow I missed this post before.

On number 3. Hopefully the third time will be the charm for you. It has been for lots of people. You still have hope and that is great!

on number 4. At least you didn't say panties! lol!

you are precious AGWB!