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Monday, November 10, 2008

Is it wasteful?

Let me start at the beginning............
I (used to be not very good) getting better with money.
How do you strike threw words? Someone? Anyone?
I have never had a lot so when I get it, my instinct is to spend it.
I have twice gotten into debt with credit cards. It wasn't the kind of debt I hear about with most people I know, but still, it was irresponsible.
After my unexpected and painful divorce I have had a rocky employment history.........
A company went bankrupt
my territory was cut during a week 20,000 lost their jobs
an employer changed their mind
and jobs in between just to pay the bills
During these trying times I have had to learn to live on what I had and make it work. And learn a new attitude of being grateful for the little things such as:
a roof over my head
Through all this, I have kept my house and support myself.
I will not get rich at my new job but it supports me and I love it and I am very happy and grateful to have it;)
I have learned and try to live by this new motto when thinking about a new purchase~
Is it wasteful?
Where I fall off the wagon is when it concerns my girls or gran'baby, but I am still doing well.
I am getting my carpet pulled up this Wednesday, it's old and has had way too many kids and animals on it. It is an allergy haven and with Cooper walking and crawling all over, I want the floor clean, hence the new steaming floor cleaner I recently purchased. I am lucky that good wood floors are under the carpet so I will just be cleaning and shining them.
When Cooper was born I wanted a rocker recliner.
I couldn't afford what I wanted at the time so I got a cheap glider.
I have recently removed two chairs from my living room leaving a couch and the glider. One chair got ruined by Chloe and the other was very uncomfortable.
I want all fabric surfaces gone. Courtney is very allergic and Cooper looks like he may have her allergies. Sooooooooooooooooooooooo,
I went to my local furniture store and .........
wait let me back up about rocker recliners~
I love them. I have fond memories of being rocked by my grandma and grandpa and I rocked Megan and Courtney till they were in Jr. High. But I didn't like the way most looked and got rid of my rocker recliner about 1o years ago. So when I was looking at them I knew the certain look I wanted and wouldn't settle for less.
So I found exactly what I wanted and was so excited!
And tada!
Here it is~(in brown)

So when I decided to go for it, I decided I wanted a matching couch not just because it would look great but because it wouldn't be fabric like the couch I have now. So I am going for the couch as well. Huge splurge I know, but I haven't splurged on anything in a long time and I will be giving up other things to get this. Not only will it bring me joy to look at it, sit on it and rock my Cooper baby in, but it will give me peace knowing it will help alleviate allergens and dust mites;)

So I have to ask myself....................
Is is waistful?
I know it's a "want" and not a "need", but is it "waistful"?

I say "no"!


Becky :) said...

Oh I love it!!!!!! I remember being rocked by my Dad in a rocking recliner that looked like that. My grandma had one that was fabric but it was so heart warming to watch her rock my kids in it. Even brings a tear to this day.

Is it wasteful.....oh you're asking the wrong girl here, I say ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!! :-)

Carin said...

I really like the look of those two. You will not be disapointed. I'm sure you'll love having the carpet pulled up. much better to pull it up if it's bad, better for Cooper. Enjoy rocking in that rocker.

Leedra said...

I love it, but the question you are asking yourself....

Is it a want or a need? Only you can answer that.

Life with Kaishon said...

I really love it : ). It looks almost like ours. I think having a rocking chair is an absolute neccesity : ), and how thoughtful of you to think of those babies and their allergies with the leather. I also LOVE leather because it is a cinch to clean!

Your blog header is so beautiful. He is a darling baby!

Keli said...

Both pieces are beautiful!!! I don't think it's wasteful!

nikkicrumpet said...

It's beautiful...and you know your if you can afford it...go for it!

Keli said...

Hey Heidi - you asked about the "Bless this Chick" button? I got it from someone else's site and can't remember who! You can make one of your own here

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Go girl, it is what you need it to be.
Looks great to me.


Dana and Daisy said...

well, like the others, only you can know for sure if it is within your budget or not.

We have very little fabric covered furniture because of Steve's allergies. The carpet is going next, but it will be a couple of years still.

One of the best products we've found to help his allergies has been the air purifiers made by sharper image.

YOur taste as always is very sophisticated. Post some pics when you get it all arranged!

Beki said...

As my dear old dad used to say to me when dealing with money:

If your outgo exceeds you income
Your upkeep will be your downfall.

That little gem has stuck with me for years, and I think about it whenever I go to purchase anything that I think I "need".

As for the chair and couch....well, I so want to tell you that it is NOT wasteful....

Beki said...

AND....your blog list with the pictures is AWESOME!!! How did you do that???

haffnewie said...

Three to five years from now, look back to this time and this purchase... and only then will you be able to know if it was wasteful or not! Hind sight is always 20/20!

But I agree that only you can answer your question!

One thing I can say is... you don't have to get permission from anybody to purchase what you want! Don't guilt yourself up unnecessarily!! Just enjoy rocking that baby!! He won't stay small enough to rock for very long!

Hope you are feeling much better.

DesertHen said...

That set looks wonderful. I want to come over and snuggle up on that couch!! My mother rocked me when I was growing up and I remember it to this very day. I would crawl up into her lap and say...."rocka me momma, rocka me." That was always our special time together. You will be creating wonderful memories with and for Cooper, so enjoy that rocking chair and couch! It is not one bit wasteful to spend on things that will truly bring you joy in your life!! Now rock away my dear bloggy friend, rock away............=D

Rocky Mtn. Girl said...

Good for you... I think leather is your best best over fabric or micro fiber any day! If you have the funds, then definitely go for it. And if you have the room, then lucky you!!
I love to have the sofa and the reclining chair but I really have a tiny apartment and only room for the sofa.
I used to sell furniture, and appliances and mattresses for 5 years and like I told all my customers, leather is much better purchase in the long run unless you have dogs and cats, then it's a problem.

Beautiful purchases and I am sure you will be happy. Make sure you clean that leather periodically so that it stays happy healthy for a long long time!!



Hi - thank you for the e-mail about my many blogs. I do allow comments on about 4 of the 31 that I have, but with so many I was constantly 'stuck' to checking the commentaries, and I always felt a need to reply - it was taking up too much time which I don't have much of to spare.

You have a cheerful blog; fun to look at and read.

As to something being 'wasteful', it is always in the EYE OF THE BEHOLDER, and the HOLDER OF THE POCKETBOOK AND CHECKING ACCOUNT as I see it.

On some things I seem to be stingy as the dickens; then I'll turn around an be told I 'splurged' by someone who didn't see my expenditure as important or warranted.

So, I figure whoever MAKES THE MONEY decides how the money is spent or invested (or both).

Because I always keep a % of money for savings; a % of money for charity and homeless people/needy people I know about, and a % for GIFTS ALWAYS, this brings me down to 'what is left' in that money that isn't needed for FIXED OBLIGATIONS, as 'mine, mine, mine'!!!!

I did one blog on rolling with the recession; you can check it out via my profile. I think I express myself pretty well about 'dealing with money', and getting the 'best for your money' on that blog.

I didn't address anything that was ELECTIVE AND FUN because that's not the purpose of the blog. However, IN MY OWN LIFE, I lay out my financial 'list' like this:


In order to maintain a SOLID FINANCIAL PROGRAM, #1 and #2 MUST BE MAINTAINED of course. When I see what is left, then I have to work with 'priorities'; those in need will always come ahead of 'gifts and stuff for me' because if I have already achieved #1 and #2, then don't I already have what I need? And when I have what I need, can I ever want anything better than that?

I always answer that question; come up with 'no', and from that point, EVERYTHING IS A BLESSING (a financial blessing).

Then like you in your post, I START COUNTING THE BLESSINGS THAT DON'T COME WITH A PRICE TAG - they are so many, I feel 'rich as can be' in my life.

I'm getting a kick out of reading the word verification letters - they are INGRO....

It's almost as if they are telling me what to finish with as I tell you about never having to ask for others to approve your choices; instead, SHARE THE JOY OF YOUR CHOICES and others will jump up and down with happiness for you.

You GO INSIDE YOURSELF. You have GROWN older; strong, and competent from all the experiences I see, and the many faces of your children and grand-kids I also saw. So those little letters spark my thought to you.

Note: I don't think I'm dyslexic because if I am, then the word verification is GROIN (smile).

Thank you again for sending the lovely e-mail, and always feel free to write; comments you can always leave on the rolling with the recession blog; the billy tipton blog - the ron sails away blog, and the blah blah blog because that's all I can manage to keep up with.

I you like my 2 blogs on recipes, by all means grab them up and if you want any more posted (or sent to you) let me know; lots of people write me for recipes for foods and I've been sharing my own (that I think up myself) for 40 years.

Have a great Thanksgiving. Diane - Laughlin, Nevada