My mission statement~

I intend on "trying" to live a life that is about: not putting in my mouth things that are bad for me or have come from an animal that was treated cruely while alive on this earth and during slaughter, creating lasting fond memories for my children and grandchildren, adventure, challenging myself, respect others regardless of species, race, color or creed, taking risks, having fun, being grateful, respecting myself & my body, being authentically myself, taking responsibility for my actions, being proactive, being a problem solver, taking action, introspection, transition, change, honesty, growth, loving & helping others, having integrity, doing my best, being easy on myself, enjoying this world, becoming well read, seeing the wonder of it all and never allowing fear to hold me back!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Geography lesson for me~

Wow! Asia is huge!
I didn't pay attention in class while in highschool. At the time I wasn't interested in where other countries were;)


Jeannelle said...

Who knew maps could be so bright an cheerful! Where do you find these things?

Christy said...

Actually Africa is huge. Most maps aren't to scale so Africa looks way smaller than it actually is. We love maps here! We have a whole room that is nothing but maps on the wall.

DesertHen said...

Very cool maps! Where did you come across them?

Gail said...

They have changed the names of countries too many times for me to keep up with 'em.