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I intend on "trying" to live a life that is about: not putting in my mouth things that are bad for me or have come from an animal that was treated cruely while alive on this earth and during slaughter, creating lasting fond memories for my children and grandchildren, adventure, challenging myself, respect others regardless of species, race, color or creed, taking risks, having fun, being grateful, respecting myself & my body, being authentically myself, taking responsibility for my actions, being proactive, being a problem solver, taking action, introspection, transition, change, honesty, growth, loving & helping others, having integrity, doing my best, being easy on myself, enjoying this world, becoming well read, seeing the wonder of it all and never allowing fear to hold me back!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Are you an Audrey or a Marilyn?

I am an Audrey!
Wow! This is so me.
If you really want to know me better.....
read everyword;)

You are an Audrey -- "I am at peace"

Audreys are receptive, good-natured, and supportive. They seek union with others and the world around them.

How to Get Along with Me
* If you want me to do something, how you ask is important. I especially don't like expectations or pressure
* I like to listen and to be of service, but don't take advantage of this
* Listen until I finish speaking, even though I meander a bit
* Give me time to finish things and make decisions. It's OK to nudge me gently and nonjudgmentally
* Ask me questions to help me get clear
* Tell me when you like how I look. I'm not averse to flattery
* Hug me, show physical affection. It opens me up to my feelings
* I like a good discussion but not a confrontation
* Let me know you like what I've done or said
* Laugh with me and share in my enjoyment of life

What I Like About Being an Audrey
* being nonjudgmental and accepting
* caring for and being concerned about others
* being able to relax and have a good time
* knowing that most people enjoy my company; I'm easy to be around
* my ability to see many different sides of an issue and to be a good mediator and facilitator
* my heightened awareness of sensations, aesthetics, and the here and now
* being able to go with the flow and feel one with the universe

What's Hard About Being an Audrey
* being judged and misunderstood for being placid and/or indecisive
* being critical of myself for lacking initiative and discipline
* being too sensitive to criticism; taking every raised eyebrow and twitch of the mouth personally
* being confused about what I really want
* caring too much about what others will think of me
* not being listened to or taken seriously

Audreys as Children Often
* feel ignored and that their wants, opinions, and feelings are unimportant
* tune out a lot, especially when others argue
* are "good" children: deny anger or keep it to themselves

Audreys as Parents
* are supportive, kind, and warm
* are sometimes overly permissive or nondirective

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Patti said...

I'm glad you stopped by my blog! Im gonna add you to my blogroll if that is ok with you? I have a little granddaughter that is 13 months old, and I'm obsessed too! She is my first one and I'm spoiling her rotten! Her name is Avery and she lives 2 1/2 hours from me.:( I try to see her at least every 3 weeks if not sooner. I cant go any longer than that!
Have a great Thanksgiving and come back again!

Tracey said...

I am an Ingrid...."I am unique"...amazing that a lot of it fits me!

Life with Kaishon said...

Very cool. You are just as pretty as she was. I am so glad you had the baby all weekend. I am sure it was fun. He is SO sweet.

Dana and Daisy said...

some days I think I am a Roseanne!

okay, I'll go take the quiz and let you know for real!

Dana and Daisy said...

I couldn't find the same quiz, so I took a different one and guess what, I am Molly Ringwold

Christy said...

I came up as Grace. It sounded pretty accurate.

Tink said...

I'm definitely an Audrey too!

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

Check out my page on Tuesday to see who I am! I'm going to keep you guessing! ♥

amy m. provine said...

Didn't take the quiz, but reading the description, I'm pretty sure I"m an Audrey. Fitting for my Halloween costume right?