My mission statement~

I intend on "trying" to live a life that is about: not putting in my mouth things that are bad for me or have come from an animal that was treated cruely while alive on this earth and during slaughter, creating lasting fond memories for my children and grandchildren, adventure, challenging myself, respect others regardless of species, race, color or creed, taking risks, having fun, being grateful, respecting myself & my body, being authentically myself, taking responsibility for my actions, being proactive, being a problem solver, taking action, introspection, transition, change, honesty, growth, loving & helping others, having integrity, doing my best, being easy on myself, enjoying this world, becoming well read, seeing the wonder of it all and never allowing fear to hold me back!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fun tests-try one or two...........

What do you see?
In black the word: Good
In white the word: Evil

What do you see here?
The word Teach reflects as Learn

What do you see here?
Me is in brown.........
when you look through Me you will see you!

What do you see?
Look for the words-
Illusion &

Read the text in the triangle out loud-
You probably said: A bird in the bush.
If you said this, you failed.
The word: "the" is repeated twice!

How'd you do?
Happy Thursday Everyone!


Scrappy Girl said...

That was fun! I totally missed that second "the"

Anonymous said...

That is Seriously So Cool....I love things like gets my brain working....and {WHEW} i need all the help I can get!!!!

Welcome TO Blog World....and Come back & visit mine anytime!!! :)

spanki said...

i think i did it all the "expected" plain way... does that mean i am simple and boring?? either way, that was fun! thanks for sharing that with us! and thanks for stopping by, i love your blog!

Donna Boucher said...

Those are super cool!

I failed!

Tabib said...


I did a search of word 'bird' in your blog, and I found that little blue trangle. Yes, I miss the double "THE".
Thanks for linking by blog in your blog-roll.
Have a nice Sunday!